May 11, 2011
Gypsy Appropriations

There’s an old saying, “the truth hurts”, and in this case, it’s accurate. The truth about the lives Romani people have been forced to lead is not a glamorous one. It isn’t all tambourines, fortune telling and magic spells. In fact, Romani history is quite depressing. While it may be easy for the western world to ignore all of that and just concentrate on the fantasy, it does irreparable damage to the cause of raising awareness, and without awareness, the prejudice and persecution of our people will never end.

I have been told by some who refuse to let go of their perception of gypsies that western culture has formed a ‘new meaning’ to the word and that the Romani people need to recognize that. What these people do not realize is that it is just as offensive, if not more so, when it is used in this manner, because their usage of it like this (to signify a lifestyle) essentially discounts all the suffering attached to the word. That is what I mean when I say that these folks do not have the right to say whether or not that word is offensive - they claim they have only ‘positive feelings’ about the word and towards my people, yet they needn’t be calling me a ‘filthy gypsy’ in order for the word to be offensive. It’s offensive because they use it to refer to a lifestyle, instead of a race of people.”

Another great blog about culture appropriation & the effects this has.

THIS IS GREAT.  Thanks for the tip voyelles!

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